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What we do

BM Radiator Cabinets is continuing the tradition of craftsmanship in made-to-measure Furniture Design and Manufacturing in the Leinster area. With some 16 years of experience, we specialize in now days in making Radiator Cabinets. We pride ourselves on being customer focused to ensure that our product works well for the space along with the needs and lifestyles of our clients.


All our radiator covers are custom made and come in a broad assortment of styles and designs from trendy to classical. Traditionally designed cabinets can give a feeling of warmth to a home, while modern or contemporary designs can form a dynamic or sophisticated feel to a room. 

The charm of radiator cabinets is that they can transform a radiators look by either letting them blend in with the rest of the furniture or to let them stand out as a feature.


With so many models, colours and grills to choose from, you can create a design that is truly yours. 

You can choose to oversize a cabinet so it can feature as sidetable, or you may want it as slim as possible to save space in for example hallways or bathrooms.

We have many various radiator cabinet designs available, however, we also design cabinets on application. Since 2016 we made and fitted nearly 250 radiator cabinets. All of our furniture is made-to-order. Prices range from 190,- euro up to 380,- euro per cabinet depending on style and size. 


Covers can be made with or without side shelving. Please help us to give you a quick answer by having an estimated width of the radiator, measured from valve to valve. Please send us a message in the form below, or send an email, if you wish to know the cost of a radiator cover.


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